InfoVision 2017 will be the latest instance of the InfoVision series of conferences that started in 2005.  The 2017 conference is organized by the Centre for Excellence for Data Analytics and Business Insights (CEDABI), MYRA School of Business, and will be an annual event.

Data is not stored only in static data warehouses.  Rather, data is both static and dynamic, arriving in real time at high velocity, and is multi-modal.  Data comes from transactions, social media, and the Internet of Things.  Data analytics provides insights and drives the decision-making process.  These decisions are often made in real time or near real time.

In 2017, the theme for InfoVision will be Data Analytics and Business Insights.  The conference will be a must for both academics and industry.  Papers are invited across a broad range of related areas, including but not limited to:

  • Financial analytics
  • Marketing analytics
  • Visual analytics
  • Smart Cities
  • Data analytics and productivity
  • The Industrial Internet of Things
  • Data governance
  • Metrics to assess the impact of data analytics on decision making

Authors are invited to submit original and unpublished research papers.  All papers will be refereed and the proceedings will be published.